3 people every Christian should follow on Twitter.

Apparently there are nearly TWO HUNDRED MILLION people on Twitter… now that’s a lot of people! With so many people using this and other social networking platforms how do you know who to follow?

Everyone that follows you?

Famous people?

Just your close friends?

Finding a purpose for social media

I realise that people use social media for all sorts reasons and purposes. But, as people in “pursuit of the way” we need to be good stewards of the way we use social media. This means we need to have a thoughtful approach as to who and why we follow people.

3 People every Christian should be following.

In life there are three people that we all have some form of relationship with. Those with us, those ahead of us and those behind us on the journey. These are the 3 people we should all be following on Twitter!

1) The person who is with you

The first person to follow is the person who is with you on the journey. I always say, “find your people”…. it’s those people that I am referring to here. The friends that love what you love…. those that encourage and build you up. The ones who have stuck by you through the great and tragic times. The people who are prepared to talk about the real issues of life with you (especially when you’re a little off course). Follow your real Christian friends. Be encouraged by them and encourage them in their pursuit of Jesus.

2) The person ahead of you

Do you ever look at certain people and think to yourself “when I grow up I want to be just like them”? It’s those more mature and wise people that fit here. Follow those people. Utilise the nature of social media to build relationships with them and allow them to speak wisdom and truth into your life.

Of course, follow the well known pastors and leaders from around the globe, but they are not who I am speaking about here.

The people I refer to are often the quiet achievers of the Christian faith. Those who have been faithful to Christ for years and years without recognition or esteem. Follow these people and emulate them.

You’ll know them because they reflect the fruit of the Spirit, they’re active in seeing others come to a saving knowledge of Christ and they are keen disciple makers.

3) The person behind you

The third person to follow is the person who is behind you on the journey.

As Christians in “pursuit of the way” we must be discipling others. Perhaps the younger Christian who needs some support and help in navigating the journey. Perhaps the person who is seeking truth but hasn’t yet discovered that it is to be found in Jesus.

Follow these people and allow them to follow you. Make space for them in your world and actively inspire them to pursue what it means to live for Jesus in a world that encourages anything but this.

The choice is yours!

Twitter has the potential to be a great tool in the hands of committed believers. We can use it for the glory of God, to strengthen and establish His Kingdom on the earth, or we can waste our time and not steward the opportunity that it presents to inspire, encourage and develop disciples.

Thoughts? How do you use Twitter? Do you have a plan? Is it Christ centered? I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comment section below.