Be Still, Even As You’re Moving Forward.

Every good movie has a car chase. Even when it doesn’t really need one. The hero always needs to chase the bad guy, or escape the enemy. You’d have to agree, a car chase of some sort is always part of a great movie.

Be Still, Even As You're Moving Forward

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Often during these car chases the hero, no matter who he or she is, is cool, calm and collected. And, they’re always able to do so much at the same time as driving.

They might be shooting at the enemy and talking on the phone to their boss. They’ll be pushing buttons that control all sorts of crazy technology, let alone be navigating, side swiping parked cars and only just missing pedestrians.

Before you remind me, I know these car chases arent real, but there is a lesson to learn from everything we encounter, even car chases in the movies. The way the heroes carry themselves during these almost out of control parts of a movie can inform the way we handle the hectic times of life.

Think about it; The car may be moving at a ridiculous speed, but the driver is calm. They’re still. They’re in control. They do the things they need to do in order to achieve the outcome that’s needed.

Life can get so frantic, can’t it?

Life often moves at 100 miles an hour. Sometimes, it’s just like a speeding car, almost but not quite out of control. As we navigate, and steer our lives, we need to be like the hero of our own movie. We need to remain calm, to be still and have a sense of confidence. We need to remain connected to our own “boss”, to be listening for direction, seeking navigation and fending off the enemy.

With peace of mind we can continue. We can face all that comes our way and we can handle anything, if we head towards to goal and never, ever give up.

It all starts from a place of stillness.

Even as life is rushing passed us, we have to be still.

‘Be still and know that I am God’ – Ps 46:10

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In the movies, it’s the triumph of good over evil that really causes the hero to do what he, or she does. But in life, we too need to have this same sense that our God has triumphed over evil. He is in control and He will provide all we need in order to over come evil and to endure anything that comes our way.

Over to you…
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