5 Days To A Better Life – Day 5

[This post is part of the 5 Days To A Better Life series]

5 Days To A Better Life.

5 Days To A Better Life.

Day 5 – Improving Your Work Life.

The last area that we’ll be focusing on in the 5 days to a better life series, is your work life.

Most adults spend upwards of 40 hours, every single week, working. If your work isn’t enjoyable, or at the very least, satisfying, eventually it will affect all of your life.

Unfortunately, if that describes you, it’s only a matter of time before you begin to feel miserable. You’ll soon struggle to get up in the mornings, and staying enthusiastic each day will get harder and harder.

Aside from this, when your work is not rewarding, if you can’t see some purpose to it, eventually the effort you apply will begin to decline. Long term, your employer and your co-workers will notice. The result won’t be good.

None of that sounds very God glorifying!!

Life doesn’t have to be that way.

Of course, there are seasons when you may not enjoy your work, but I’m not suggesting you quit, or that you give up. If you’re in a role that you’re convicted is where God would have you, even though you don’t necessarily like it all that much, then you need to go with your conviction. Stick at it and trust Him with it. But, sometimes we stay with jobs we’re not enjoying, or that we’ve had enough of, for all the wrong reasons.

Fear is a huge motivator.

People don’t change their work life, not because they’re convicted by God to stay, but because they’re scared of the unknown, or of the thought of not getting another job. Most things people fear don’t eventuate though, and our imaginations often create far worse scenarios than ever actually happen.

All this to say, don’t allow fear to rule your life. The place of ruling and in reigning should always and only be reserved for Jesus, your Lord and Saviour.

So, in order to improve your life, if you need to, look for a new job. Hey, why not start now?

Before you do though, another way you can go about improving your work life is this;

Remember that your work is not your life!

Given most people spend a high proportion of their time at work, it is important, but it’s not everything. For example, a lot of people do exactly as I’ve described above. They dislike their job so they go get another one that they do enjoy, only to find that it takes over, it becomes their entire life focus.

In other words, they end up loving it too much.

Getting the balance right in this is essential to living a life that treats every area with the priority it deserves, to honouring God across the breadth of life.

Work is a good thing, ordained way back in the garden, before the fall. But, likewise God’s priority for great relationships, also established from the beginning, needs to be our priority too. So, getting a great job is fine, especially one that you really enjoy, but it can’t come at the expense of your family.

The challenge here is if you have a job that you love too much, and it’s taking you away from your family, your church, your faith, then it’s probably time to change your thinking, or to get another job.

Lastly, when it comes to improving your life, it will help to ensure you see your employment as part of the out-working of your call to Christ. Your vocation isn’t your calling, but God has placed you in that role, with that organisation, in order to outwork the call to represent Him on the earth. When you see your work this way, everything changes. Instead of going to work to get a natural job done, you go there to work on the commission of Christ. Thinking this way will give even the most boring, or apparently meaningless job, purpose. It will help you to be motivated and to always strive to do you’re best, no matter what your employed to do.

Over to you…
What’s one way you keep your work/life balance in check? Add your thoughts to the comments section below.