Bible Memory Verses – Like Anchors For The Soul

[This is a part of The Most Important Book Ever Written Series.]

Memorizing scripture is about personal discipline, but it’s so much more than that. When we put the word of God into our memory, it makes it’s way into our hearts and then the Holy Spirit can use it to come out of us in His perfect timing.

Memory Verses - Like Anchors For Our Souls

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Memory verses become an anchor within us to the wider narrative of the Bible. When you remember a verse, it will help prompt the context of the passage and in doing that, the word will be alive for your situation, just as it was for those that first wrote and received it. If God’s word is in us, then it can come out of us.

But what verses should we learn?

Obviously they’re all good, but some will encourage, some will inspire sharing of the gospel, and others will lift you in a time of need. Obviously, there have been great ministries and churches that have put together resources to help us with the process of finding and grouping verses. Here’s a few that I’ve looked at recently in my search for a good system to start my journey of memorization again;

1) Fighter Verses - This system is well developed and includes a 5 year plan for Bible memorization. There’s the plan itself with online resources, as well as apps for iphone and android. I bought the iphone app and so far I think it’s pretty great. The only downside is the iphone app doesn’t include the ‘foundational verses’ (which are designed for preschoolers) which are the ones I wanted to start with as a refresher course. Needless to say though the verses that are included are well worth remembering. You can follow along with the date based system, or you can go it alone, learning by ‘collection,’ topic, or even a verse you search for an save. It has the ability to play the audio so you can hear the verses being read and there’s songs for every verse in case that helps. There’s a ‘review quiz’ too. Essentially, you can fill in the blanks to complete a verse you’re learning. Really helpful, especially as you can have it with you everywhere you go. So far this is my app of choice.

2) – Another great system. This one is only online, but it has a great interface for typing in the current verse you’ve learnt. The makers of this site have tried to make memorization a little ‘social’ but including a ‘leaderboard’. Your recall of verses and your accuracy is ranked against other people. This doesn’t particularly inspire me, but I know it would some people. If you’re always in front of a computer then this system may be for you.

3) The Navigators Topical Systems - The Navigators have all sorts of great resources for Bible study. Years ago I had their ‘Topical Memory System’. I looked it up and they still have it available. You can buy pre-printed cards that you put in your wallet or purse and take with you through out the day. This is obviously great for those of us that don’t have an iPhone, or who want to literally stick the verse somewhere in front of them during the day.

The other thing I noticed is that they have a list of verses in the their system online. You can print our your own set of cards by grabbing the verses from here. This is a great place to start as the verses are divided up by topic and there’s two verses per topic.

These are just three systems that I thought might be pretty great for me and hopefully helpful for you. There’s numerous other lists of verse and systems to use. Finding the right system is a personal thing, but I’d love to hear about any great ones you’ve used. Let me know about websites, printed systems, books and apps in the comment section below. Thanks.

Question: Do you have a system for memorizing scripture? What do you use?