Getting Back To Basics.

From time to time we have to re-align our thinking. Recalibrate it as it were. Stop and remember what the main things are. Get back to basics.

Getting Back To Basics

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Jesus called disciples. He trained them and then sent them out. Some of His last words to them before His ascension were a command to make more disciples. They took Him at His word and did exactly that. Those few faithful men travelled far and wide telling people that Jesus was the one, the Messiah and in His death and resurrection was the forgiveness of sins and the way to eternal life.

Faithful men and woman continue this today. They’re making disciples. These days we don’t tend to call them that but that’s what it means to be a follower of Jesus, a Christian. The command of Jesus to ‘make disciples’ is as relevant today as it was when He first spoke the words.

But what does it mean to be a disciple who makes disciples?

That’s a question I’ve wrestled with a lot over the last couple of years. Ive realised that if we’re going to live the Jesus way we need to know what He meant when He sent out those first disciples. So today I’m starting a new series called the ‘Getting Back to Basics’ series in order to share some of my discoveries. In the series we’re not going to cover coming to faith, instead here we’ll seek to understand what’s involved once a person chooses Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The topics I’m aiming to cover in the series are;

1. Can a dog be a dog if it looks like a cat?
2. Who’s that behind you?
3. Resist the Noise; Find God In The Silence.
4. Are You A Car With No Wheels?
5. Give Me 5 Minutes And I’ll Teach You To Interpret The Bible Like A Theologian.
6. How To Create A Prayer Life You Can Be Proud Of.
7. What Do You Want Most?
8. Who Is This God We Speak Of?
9. What Does The Trinity Look Like?
10. The Creator Creates Creatives.
11. Filled with the Holy Spirit eh?
12. What To Do When Life Can’t Get Any Worse.
13. What have you seen? What’s your story?
14. Church; Do I have to go?.

I hope you find the series valuable we together we take stock of the basics of what it means to follow Christ. As I have so many posts that will be a part of the series we may take breaks along the way but stick with me and we’ll journey together along the road to becoming genuine disciples of Jesus.

What have I missed?

If there’s a topic you’d add to the ‘basic series’ or a question you would like to have answered along the way let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.