How To Find Time To Follow Your Dreams

How To Find Time To Follow Your Dreams

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Just about everyone I speak with has a dream they want to pursue. So I tell them, “follow your dreams!”

But, those same people often have trouble finding the time to make a start.

“I’m too busy” – that’s what they tell me…or, “I don’t have time to pursue my dream. I can’t fit it in.”

I completely understand – my life is busy too. In-fact, as I write it’s midnight, I could be sleeping, but instead I’m writing – pursuing my dream. I have an underlying belief that if a dream is worth pursuing, then it’s worth making time for.

If you don’t make time to follow YOUR dreams you’ll live to make other peoples dreams come true! (Tweet-it)

With that in mind, here’s 5 steps to help you find the time to follow your dreams:

  1. Stop making excuses. We’re all busy and we all have the same number of hours in the day. The difference between you and the person achieving their dreams is that you think you’re too busy. They’ve stopped making excuses!

    Yes – if your dream is something you really care about, then choose now to stop telling yourself (and everyone else) that you don’t have time for it. It doesn’t make you look good – it makes you look scared… or, like you’re all talk… or, like you don’t really care that much.

    Stop with the excuses – you do have time, you just have to change your priorities.
  2. Start with “Why?” Before you do anything, you need to work our why it is you want to follow your dreams. Is it for good reasons, or are your real motives more self centred than that? Think long and hard about it. You don’t want to start investing in something you’re going to later regret.

    Starting with why is essential. It’s the underlying motive that will fuel your journey. Without knowing why you’re following your dream you run the risk of hitting hard times and giving up.

    Your “why” will give you the power to keep going no matter what!
  3. Acknowledge the cost. Achieving dreams doesn’t just happen. It will likely cost you a lot. A lot of time, energy, heart ache, let alone the financial cost, the stress, and the sleepless nights.

    Choosing to follow your dreams will mean you choose not to pursue lesser dreams. That’s a cost and at times that will hurt.

    Also – there’s a type of grief that you will go through as you start to follow your dream. You’ll begin to see other opportunities that you’re missing out on. There will be times you question yourself and the dream you’ve chosen to go after.

    Acknowledge all that now – decide if the dream you have in your heart is worth it. Don’t ignore the cost – choose now whether you’re prepared to pay it the price.
  4. Get going! Get out your diary and make a repeating appointment with yourself. Choose a regular time and place to start working on your dream.

    At the beginning you may not have much of a plan, or any real way forward, thats okay. During your first meeting with yourself start imagining the way forward. That imaginary way forward will be the basis of your the plan.

    Start by simply writing the dream down – after all, if you can’t clearly communicate it then it probably won’t happen. Then, create some basic goals of what it is you want to achieve.
  5. Celebrate the small wins. As you follow your dreams, you’ll have small wins that are worth celebrating. Many of these will be when you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

    Don’t neglect the opportunity to celebrate. It’s these small wins that will help spur you on toward the big prize. In the end it’s the journey that brings you to your dream – learn to enjoy, even celebrate, every step along the way.

It is possible to achieve the things you’re only dreaming about right now. With the right intention, focus and diligence, you will get there.

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