5 Compelling Reasons To Never Give Up

Sometimes you’ve had enough and you just want to give up.

Great things have happened in the past – God has always seen you through. But lately, it seems like nothing is going your way and you’re really struggling.

5 Compelling Reasons To Never Give Up

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This happens to the best of us – even veterans in the faith, those who’ve seen and done it all, have their off days.

Yet they don’t give up.

They may think about how hard things are, how tough the season is, but they still keep going. Day after day after day.

They’re not super-human, and they don’t have anything out of the reach of you or I. So how do they do it?

They do it by knowing and reminding themselves of these 5 compelling reasons to never give up.

1. Never give up, because life is long, and it ain’t over!

Life isn’t the particular situation you find yourself in right now. Life is made up of all sorts of seasons. Some are easier than others and people that don’t give up know just that. They acknowledge that life is long and that eventually things will get better. They don’t be caught up in the now, but look to the future. In doing that they realise that they don’t know how or when things will change. What we do know is that eventually they will.

2. Never give up, because if it’s good enough for Jesus it’s good enough for you!

Jesus is our example for life. He went through times of huge triumph, but also times of great pain and suffering. When times are tough, Christians that never give up are those that look to Jesus and all He went through, then apply his sufferings to their own lives. They see His suffering and realise that we’re all living in a broken world. It’s on it’s way to restoration, but in the mean time, if it was good enough for Jesus to endure during hard times, then it’s good enough for us.

3. Never give up, because the world needs help!

Sometimes the things we go through are actually needed in order to benefit someone else. A life that serves Jesus will also serve other people. Serving isn’t always easy. People that never give up are tenacious even when it comes to putting others first. The world needs people like that. The world needs people that never give up independent of the personal cost in the short term.

4. Never give up, because continuing will inspire others

We don’t live in isolation. Our lives are intricately connected. When we show perseverance, it helps other people to do the same in their difficult times. Our faith builds theirs. Our strength through any and all hardship brings courage and hope to the community of faith. People that never give up, even when facing the ultimate in difficulty and sadness, lay a firm foundation for those around them. This builds up the wider body of Christ. It isn’t about ignoring hard times, rather about being honest, showing tenacity and continuing to move forward no matter what.

5. Never give up, because God is faithful.

The past provision of God shows His faithfulness. He promised to never leave nor forsake us and He is true to His word. Giving up, even against the odds, is not an option, because we’ve acknowledged our belief in this God who is faithful. As we look back on our lives we see His provision in the large and small situations of life. He’s been there before and He will come through again. His faithfulness doesn’t mean we’ll always be instantly taken out of a difficult patch. It does mean that in and through our dark days He is with us and He will walk with us through everything we experience. He is faithful and people that never give up hold this near to their hearts.

So no matter what – don’t give up! Be encouraged by these reason not to give up and as you continue in your journey, please join the discussion…

Which of these reasons have you held on to in your tough times? Which one do you plan on taking to heart from here on out? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Over to you…