Want To Create A Life That Matters?

You’ve come to the right place.

I write about how to create a life that matters by focusing on the 5 key areas of life;

1. Heart – your God-life.

2. Head – the way you think.

3. Hands – your relationships.

4. Health – the way you treat your body.

5. Habits – the things you do, your work, and productivity.

All this to say: if you work and dream and pray and create and are focused on getting better at all that, and if you want to create a life that truly matters, and if you want to love God with everything you’ve got, and if you err on the side of caring about people too much and if all this inspires you, then I this is the blog for you!

Now, to help you get started, here’s a few of my favourite posts.

These posts carry the heart of the blog. They’re a great place to start in order to get a feel for the type of posts I write. I hope you’re challenged and inspired. Please let me know.

How To Be Insanely Awesome!

How To Become A Better Leader By Using The Result Based Action List

I Have A Dream (And So Do You!)

Become A Better Person – Here’s 50 Simple Tips

99 Reasons You Should Go To Church This Weekend.

Also, here’s a list of some of my past blog series.

The Lost Art of Christianity.

In this 11 post series you’ll explore the answer to the question; Could it be that in some way we have we lost the “art” of being Christian as it has historically been known? From prayer to self-control you’ll be encouraged to rethink how you go about life and the virtues you take with you into each day and every experience you encounter.

Things Jesus Said.

In this series we look at 8 things Jesus said with the intention of getting behind the words and into the meaning of His teaching. Some of what Jesus said may seem crazy. But this doesn’t mean that we can ignore them. Instead, we need to spend the time to gain understanding. That’s what this series is all about because Jesus words, as difficult as they may seem, bring real and abundant life. You’ll be challenged, but apply His words and life will never be the same.

The Most Important Book Ever Written!

The Bible, it’s the most popular book of all time. For us as Christians it’s more than just a book, it’s the word of God. It’s the place we go to in order to God as He has revealed himself to us. This 10 post series looks at how we can approach the Bible. The posts are written to help point you to resources on how to read and understand the Bible, how to memorize scripture and even how to teach the Bible to your kids.

The Essential Guide To Authentic Conversation.

We may not all stand on a stage or behind a pulpit, but we converse with people. We all have conversations. Not always about God but always communicating our worldview, our hope and our way of life. It’s in authentic conversation that we can communicate the gospel to those around us. In this 7 post series you’ll discover that there’s so much more to authentic conversation than you may have thought.

Getting Back To Basics.

No matter if you have been a Christian a long time, or if you are brand new, we’re all called to be disciples and make disciples of Jesus. But what does this mean? What are the essential qualities, beliefs and actions that make us disciples? This series seeks to answers these questions. Over the course of the 20 posts you’ll learn the basics, the foundational aspects that each of us must know and live.