Why Is Making A Start So Tough?

Starting is often harder than the actual doing. It’s making a start that’s most difficult. Why is that and how do we avoid it?

Why Is Making A Start So Tough?

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What’s the one thing on your to-do list that you want to get done, or even need to complete, but just can’t seem to start?

Everyone has something, what’s your thing?

Making a start.

There’s all sorts of reasons why people don’t start the things they need to do. I’m not sure about you, but for me there’s almost as many reasons for not making a start on things as there are things to do. Apart from plain old procrastination, here’s a few of the reasons I’ve found it difficult to make a start;

Perfection – In other words, the thinking that if I start, it has to be perfect. Not a great reason to put off making a start, because most things we start aren’t perfect at the beginning. Most things take time, editing and lot’s of drafts to get them to perfect.

Having to finish – I can think of times when I’ve not started a to-do item purely because I’ve not wanted to invest the time to finish the whole thing I’ve started. Ridiculous, because almost anything that’s started can be paused and returned to later. Surely it’s better to make a start and come back if you need to?

Lack of motivation – This one is probably one of the most common reasons people don’t start things. They just can’t be bothered, because there’s no reason in mind for why they should even start. Essentially this is just laziness!

Distraction – With multiple things on the go all at once, emails continuously coming in, tweets to read, status updates to write, tv shows to watch, blog posts to write, meetings to attend, family and friends to interact with, telephones ringing, and people dropping by for impromptu meetings, there’s always good (and bad) things to distract us from starting.

Everything starts with God.

No matter what it is you want, or need to make a start on, it all happens as a response to God’s start. His beginning of everything is the only reason why we can make a start on anything.

‘In the beginning God…’ Genesis 1:1a

God was at the beginning and he preceded the beginning. He is our beginning. Every day He creates a new beginning and He never grows tired of making new beginnings.

I hope that as I write about our the difficulty we seem to all have with making a start on almost any project we attempt, it reminds you of the magnificence of God and His amazing ability to start.

Today, as you commence new things, as you start your to-do list, call to mind all the things that God has already begun in your life and, seek His help in making a start. Ask Him to grow in you an ability to put aside excuses and procrastination.

Then, and only then, make a start.

Over to you…
Do you find it difficult to make a start, or am I the only one? What’s the best excuse you’ve used? Add you response in the comment section below.