The dangerous game of guessology!

I love being a Dad…. it’s so much better than I thought it would be. Both my kids breath-in every last ounce of life and it’s so good to watch them as they grow up.

I’ll often ask them difficult questions and mostly they say something like, ‘oh Dad I don’t know!’ But on the odd occasion one of them will give an answer with such amazing confidence that you think they actually know the right answer. The funny thing is they have no idea, but they’ll have a guess and try to look like they know.

Here’s the thought…

I’m regularly surprised when I talk to people about God. So often they will have some made up, sort of patch work view of who He is, His intentions and expectations of us. Like one of my kids, they will confidently choose their thinking based it seems on little more than a guess.

I call this guessology!

This is often the modern approach to thinking and understanding spirituality. Essentially you take the parts of various philosophies and religions and you make up your own version, guessing when you don’t have it figured out. The problem with this is that it’s not based on anything except ones best guess, and whilst you don’t have to have it all figured out to commence your pursuit of God, the best place to begin is not with the God that you want to find but with the God who wants to find us.

If you are always guessing about God and forming your beliefs from that stance then imagine if what you guess about God is wrong!

At some stage or another we all think about God. As Christians we especially think about Him, BUT we need to make sure our thinking or study of God (our theology) is right and that we pursue truth.

Here’s a great video by Joshua Harris that illustrates why our theology matters….

If we get our understanding of God wrong then everything about us is wrong and this is the danger in exchanging theology for what what amounts to a game … the game of guessology.