Getting The Job Done When You’re Tired.

No matter what sort of work you do, or life you live, we all have seasons when we need to get things done even though we’re tired.

Getting The Job Done When You're Tired

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I’m not sure about you, but for me, managing my rest and the amount of sleep I get is a constant battle. I’ve raised the question before about how our sleep relates to God. I think maybe He’d like us to get a bit more than we do.

The apostle Paul talks about lack of sleep in 2 Corinthians 11 as part of his suffering for the Gospel. For him, giving up sleep was all part of what it meant to be Christian and to preach the message of Jesus.

So, getting a good nights sleep, versus seasons of less sleep, are part of the balancing of our faith. They’ll be times when outworking our love of Jesus simply requires us to do more than we can fit into a normal day. At these times, the days need to stretch, we’re going to sleep less, and we’ll need to get things done a little even though we’re more tired than usual.

Given this can be the case, here’s 5 areas to be mindful of when going through a season of getting the job done when you’re tired.

1. Be mindful of your weaknesses
When you’re tired, it’s extremely easy to become distracted, even tempted, by things that you’d normally not even give a second thought to. It’s at those tired times that we need to put extra effort into avoiding things that we know will cause us to stumble. This will be different for everyone and we all need to manage our own weaknesses, so as to not allow a time of being tired to become a time of falling into sin that may cause damage that will be difficult to recover from.

2. Be mindful of distraction
As we all know, fatigue can easily lead to distraction. And, when you’re over tired, it takes more effort and more concentration to avoid being distracted. This means you’re going to need to know what you need to get done and be ruthless with yourself in sticking to only what needs to happen.

3. Be mindful of your words
Even when you’re not tired it’s easy to say things you don’t mean. Being tired only makes this more difficult. So, when you haven’t gotten enough sleep actively decide that you’re not going to speak without thinking first. Make thinking about your words part of your mode of operation and avoid hurting others, or getting into pointless arguments with words you don’t mean.

4. Be mindful of your emotions
From an emotional perspective, we all respond differently to being tired. Some giggle, others cry, and then there’s those who become angry. I’m not sure how you respond, but no matter what happens to your emotions when you’re tired, you need to be mindful of your own reactions. It’s amazing how we can feel things that aren’t real, or avoid these feelings simply by starting from a position of awareness.

5. Be mindful of your thinking
This probably fits into the area of knowing your weaknesses, but the way we think, especially when we’re tired is something worth highlighting separately. Our thinking is key and it’s a sure thing to come under attack when your tired. Without doubt, our minds can play tricks on us when we haven’t gotten enough sleep. To avoid the fallout from this, fill your mind with the word of God, pray constantly and encourage yourself with worship and adoration of Jesus.

Over to you…
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